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Guitar and Piano Club

The Guitar and Piano club is where the students come to learn how to play instruments mentioned at the...

Piano and Guitar Club

Piano and Guitar club at GISU is a club where learners get to enjoy and become relaxed. Playing instruments...

Table Tennis Club

  Table Tennis is a fun individual sport; it is the fastest racket sport worldwide. This year Galaxy table...

First Day of Robotics Club

Fist Day of Robotics Club. GISU Robotics club allows students to learn about programming, engineering, science and technology while...

Book Week…

Here at GISU, reading books is just a culture.

Sports Day highlights Pt1

On the 7th of March our school held the annual House sports day, it was a day full of fun and competition. All houses were fully represented by their competitors from Early Years to Yr 13.
Neptune took 1st place and Venus,Jupiter and Mars followed respectively.
We had members of the Uganda Cranes come over and they put on a great show when they Joined the parents to play against GISU Teachers and students in a Football match that turned out very interesting. The game went into Penalty Kicks and the Cranes and Parents’ team won!
We thank everyone that turned up for our House Sports Day!