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Harvesting Time – Early Years in the school garden

From seed to harvest in our school garden! Giving students the opportunity to grow, harvest, and eat delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs fresh from the garden is what our school garden is all about. The Reception A & Year 5 children were able to assess which vegetables were ready to pick or dig up. The excited students composited, pruned, harvested and engaged in other activities. In addition to the garden being a source of food within the reach of the little ones, the garden also becomes an outdoor classroom. This week the students harvested spinach and Sukuma wiki also known as collard greens (Their long, strong roots test the strength and stamina of some of the students). The students continue to eagerly watch out for the blossoming vegetables. Which crop do you think will give a bountiful harvest? Be sure to visit us then -you might be lucky to grab your favourite vegetable…strawberries, onions and carrots …

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