NASA Camp ATX – Galaxy International School Uganda


NASA Camp ATX (Astronaut Training Experience)

Summer time is usually a busy time for all families; at GISU we organize a number of trips to different destinations during our long summer break. This summer we decided to travel to the US, our exploration of Orlando, Florida took us to a number of places: the Universal Studios, Kennedy space Centre, the magnificent Sea World, Miami Beach, the Star Island and the spacious shopping centers. Our trip to Orlando is so far the most favourite, it was one of the most memorable experiences we had.

We can still remember how excited we were before takeoff, it felt like forever while we silently sat in the plane waiting to take off. All the eagerness that was inside of us had just made the wait even longer. Finally, the pilot said ‘prepare for takeoff’, when we heard those words we were so overjoyed we could hardly contain the happiness, we all smiled at each other as we enjoyed the comfortable seats of the Emirates plane. The plane ride was many hours long but we enjoyed every minute of it.


Orlando is home to the biggest and most famous theme parks in the world; here we visited Universal Studios Resort and the SeaWorld, at the SeaWorld our emphasis was on live shows in huge theaters over the ride-based attractions that commanded the majority of visitors’ attention we got free souvenirs, met knowledgeable personnel and enjoyed our lunches at Award Winning Restaurants. We all got soaked up in the relaxed atmosphere where nature and conservation sit firmly at the forefront providing a nice balance to the park’s many thrill rides and shows.

We also had a tour of the Kennedy Space Center where we came nose to nose with the space shuttle Atlantis; it was a day long camp experience with a lifelong impact, launching children into a galaxy of fun and learning! We toured areas of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and met an astronaut to discover firsthand, how a trip to the visitor complex can enrich our education. We checked out the vast resources made available by NASA for continued learning, as we seeked to nurture and train the next generation of space explorers. Campers were divided into space-themed teams; we completed age-appropriate activities and challenges throughout our exciting day at the astronaut training Camp.

At the shore in Miami Beach, we had an ocean swim, surf and Jet Ski in the warm and crystal-clear Atlantic waters. Some of us had a nap on the white hot sands, as others simply watched the beautiful sceneries. We all retired to a beautiful hotel to relax and get ready for our journey back.