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Year 1 is learning how to use shapes and geometry. Initially, they were introduced to MS Paint in which they learnt how shapes can be grouped to form an object. In MS Paint, they also learnt other ways how shapes can be used.    Read More
It has been a great joy to share the marvels of Art and Creativity in our 1st ever Family Painting. We have had the pleasure to witness Latent Artistry unfold before us all blessed by the warmth of family. It has been a rich moment of inspiration for our community and especially our Children to never shy away from exploring, harnessing and celebrating their talents. We most heartily thank you our Parents and Families forRead More
Bumper car prototype, Voice command machine, and many other projects by  GISU Robotics  students.Read More
It was a bright sunny morning we all set off with lots of anticipation and headed for our trip to Eastern Uganda, the excitement we had made the journey seem too short, within a few hours our eyes were observing vast plantations of sugar cane and tea as we headed for our first destination. The Sezibwa falls offered beautiful views of waterfalls marked with sharp-edged rocks and splendid sounds of waters flowing down the indentedRead More
The Rwanda Cultural Trip for the Year 7 to Year 9 students during the half term holiday between 14th and 17th October 2017 was a huge success!. The students had to endure a long but enjoyable road trip from GISU all the way via the Uganda-Rwanda Border at Katuna to Kigali on the first day with stop overs at the equator and Mbarara for lunch respectively.   On the second day the students left theRead More
Galaxy International School Uganda wishes you a Happy DiwaliRead More
The Spelling Bee is an annual contest organized by Galaxy International School. The purpose of this contest is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.Read More

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