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Plants grow just like me and you. They need water light and good soil to grow and survive. How I planted my seed; I got a plant pot, put some soil into the pot, made a hole in the tin with my finger, and dropped three seeds into the hole. I filled the hole with soil, watered my seeds, labeled my pot and took it outside to get some light, I observed it every dayRead More
The primary function of the Student Council is to be an organization which serves the community of GISU by providing an active and representative voice for students to have an influence and impact on the decisions of Galaxy International School Uganda. Its secondary functions are to: – promote school events and unity through the support and preservation of activities and rules which are beneficial to the student body. – provide a link of communication betweenRead More
Galaxy International School Uganda’s Bronze expedition was a huge success! Our GISU Duke of Edinburgh International Award Leaders took a team of 24 energetic students to Fort Portal in Western Uganda for their Adventurous Journey as a requirement for attaining the DofE Bronze Award. The expedition which started on 16th Feb and ended on 19th Feb was a true test of our students’ stamina and endurance in the 24 kilometers’ hike in the Rwenzori mountainRead More

GISU Swimming Team

Posted by admin   on November 15, 2016
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Our swimming team did us proud in the recent Swimming Competition in Mombasa. After weeks of intense training, our swimmers represented our school in the Mombasa Swimming Competition which took place on 21st – 23rd…Read More

TEDEd Club

Posted by admin   on November 10, 2016
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We are proud to announce that as GISU we have got the licence and starting TED Ed club from Term 2 onwards. This is a wonderful initiation and platform for our students to improve their…Read More
International Cultural Festival of Diversity (IFCD) is an annual event at Galaxy international school. This year‘s celebration was fantastic as the children had a fun filled day with amazing performances in and cultural outlook theme…Read More
Galaxy International School takes pride in its International Community and encourages students to explore different international competitions, where they face challenges, mature and become better leaders. Students from Galaxy are currently taking part in The African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2016, in Johannesburg South Africa. Students tirelessly research, plan, draft and write about issues facing African Nations and provide solutions to make each nation better. They get to tackle tough issues and collaborate withRead More

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