PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION – PTA – Galaxy International School Uganda


The Parent Teacher Association provides a structure through which the parents, caregivers, legal guardians of children attending Galaxy International School Uganda can work together with teaching staff members of Galaxy International School Uganda for the best possible education for their children. The Parent Teacher Association will work with the Principal and teaching staff members to build effective partnerships between home and school. The aim of the Parent Teacher Association is to enable parents to play their part in ensuring provision of the best possible education for their children, in conjunction with teaching staff and that this is achieved through the Parent Teacher Association’s programme of activities. The Parent Teacher Association undertakes a programme of activities which promotes the involvement of parents and which supports students, parents and school staff. In planning its activities, the Parent Teacher Association consults with Principal and teaching staff members. The Parent Teacher Association also supports and empowers parents to be active in the best interest of their children’s educational lives. Email:

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