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Secondary Parents Guide

Dear New Year 7 – 13 Parent,
Welcome to GISU! This document should be of help to you during your induction to our school.
Daily registration
Daily registration with the form/class and tutor is from 8:00 to 8:10 every day. The form tutor will give your child a timetable, a homework diary, and a homework schedule. Your child’s form tutor is you and your child’s first point of contact in case of any questions or concerns.
Homework Dairies
Students in Years 7 – 9 must have their homework dairy signed by the parent each week. The form tutor will check to ensure this is done. You may also write in the homework diary to communicate with any teacher.
Students’ Equipment:
(Your child is required to bring the following items to school)

  • Geometry set.
  • Scientific calculator: Casio fx-82ES, fx 500ES, fx 991ES or fx 11ES.
  • Swimming cap and preferably goggles.
  • Memory stick of at least 1GB.
  • Pens, pencils, erasers, ruler (30cm with inches), highlighter pens.
  • A small lock for his/her locker, water bottle.

Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up
Your child should be in school by 8:00am. If he or she is late, they must get a late slip from the school office. After school has finished, your child is free to attend clubs or use the school facilities. It is not permitted to loiter in the reception area.

School Clubs
We encourage all students to join at least one after school club at the start of term 1 and 2.

Your child will be given a locker, in which to keep their equipment, to avoid carrying it around all day.

All students are required to wear the school uniform (purchased from the school uniform shop) unless the school administration communicates otherwise. The ‘school shoes’ are black and can be purchased from any shop. Sandals and trainers are not permitted. Please visit our uniform shop for more details.

Your child should bring a healthy snack and a water bottle to school every day. Students are permitted to drink water (but not juice) in their classes.

For any questions or concerns about a particular class, make an appointment to see the subject teacher through the secondary office.

Educational Trips
The school organizes educational trips during term to experience different activities and bond with fellow students as well as teachers. These trips are compulsory and costs are met by parents. Details about the trips will be provided later on.
We hope you enjoy your partnership with us!