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Programs & Courses


All children deserve the best start in life; with a support system dedicated to ensuring they reach  their  fullest potential. Bearing in mind that, a  child’s learning experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on his/her future development.  We therefore intentionally chose the Early years foundation Stage curriculum to address the issues regarding early childhood development. We believe that every  child is unique, constantly evolving and has all the potential to be resilient, confident and self-assured. Our goal is to provide an efficient education foundation through carefully planning for the learning and development of each child. Our students study the following subjects ; Phonics, Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World, Personal Social emotional development of learning ,Design and Technology, Music, Swimming,Physical education, French, and Extracurricular activities.


GISU has a unique and well thought out curriculum that enhances holistic development of our students. We integrate quite a variety of other skills based subjects that match with the current labour market to the Cambridge primary curriculum. The subjects taught include; English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Global Perspectives, ICT Starters, Digital Literacy, French, PSHE, Swimming, Literacy and Numeracy and Extracurricular activities.


In line with the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum, we provide a broad and practically relevant education system for all learners that will help them to thrive in and outside school time. A variety of subjects are offered which can help a student find plenty of opportunities to develop their critical thinking, self expression and collaboration skills. These subjects include; English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, ICT Starters,Digital Literacy, Physical Education, Art and Design, Music,  Foundation Courses, Modern Foreign Language – French, English Literature, Critical Thinking, PSHE, Extracurricular Activities


We offer a variety of subjects ;thus besides attaining subject content, learners can apply knowledge and experience to new as well as familiar situations. GISU promotes intellectual equity, flexibility and responsiveness to change, working and communicating in English as well as cultural awareness. These subjects include;
English-First Language, Mathematics, ICT, French, Global Perspectives,P-SHE,Business Studies, Physics, Food and Nutrition, Chemistry, Geography, English Literature, Music, Economics, Sociology, History, Environmental Man-agement, Additional Mathematics, Art and Design and Biology.


At Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary(AS) and Advanced (A) , we offer subjects that provide an exceptional foundation for university education across the world. Thus equipping our students with outstanding qualifications that make them undeniable for college placement in their dream institutions. They include;
Mathematics, English Literature, Environmental Management Information Technology, biology, History, Art and Design, English as a Native Language, Physics, Business, French, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Music and Sociology, Global Perspectives, critical thinking Skills, PSHE, University and Career Readiness, Duke of Edinburgh’s International award.