SCHOLARSHIPS – Galaxy International School Uganda


Scholarships at GISU aim to recognise a student’s exceptional achievements.

The scholarships are an important aspect of the provision we offer at GISU.

Our scholarships generally have a monetary reward, usually a reduction of school fees, but the primary aim of a scholarship is to recognise a student’s exceptional achievements. The awards we offer reflect our commitment to Academic and/or Social Excellence.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded to GISU students who demonstrate academic excellence at Cambridge International Examinations.

This is measured by Cambridge International Examinations. Academic Scholars usually benefit from a monetary reward.

Recipients will demonstrate an outstanding record of external examination performance (usually in Cambridge Primary / Lower Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS Level).

The award of Academic Scholarship is itself an honour, and existing GISU students with a high number of A*/A grades will usually benefit from a monetary reward in line with the criteria set for that academic year.

New students entering to GISU who have met the criteria from another school gain the title of the scholar but do not receive the monetary award.

How we award them

Award Criteria Discount
Cambridge Primary / Lower Secondary Checkpoint Each 6 5%
IGCSE Each A* 10%
IGCSE Each A 5%
AS Level Each a 15%