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Sports Facilities

Galaxy International is giving numerous opportunities to its students including experienced and qualified teachers, modern foundations which are in high standards, the coaches to bring up a successful generation. All of the Schools which are aware of physical exercises and the advantages of sports such as ; practical mental progressing , taking true decisions,comprehension progressing trying to make their students effectively ready for life by carrying out not only those education programme but also by enlightening to its students’ new talents and knowledge.

Our school which has set off by those bases has become the leader both in the world and Uganda by bringing up healthy, cultured generations, in addition to this it has developed its achievements in sports.

Compared to other sports branches football and basketball are the most widely known, supported and practiced ones. Just for this reason our school provides for the students social sports clubs and special teams.  Students can also learn football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and other sports.

The facilities offered in GISU to individuals by the modern technologies and the information age limit their physical activities to a certain extent. That is why the importance of sports that is the scientific control of physical activity which is so necessary for the individual’s mental and physical health is gaining importance with every passing day. For that reason , we have a fully equipped gym and trainers for our students.

Students can participate in the activities through personalized programs at the GISU, Facilities either in groups or individually under the full-day supervision and attendance of expert personnel. Students forming teams are using our sports facilities to play games such as basketball, volleyball and handball. The facilities also serve the staff with its shower and changing rooms.

Our sports facilities include:

• Swimming pool/Kiddie pool

• Single turf field

• Professional equipment and courts suitable for tennis, basketball, and other sports branches.

• Shower and changing rooms