Offering Cambridge International Curriculum
Educating to Inspire Global Excellence


We inspire our teachers to reflect on their practice, try new approaches and better understand
how to help our students learn. We aim at helping our students to be prepared for the next level
of their education and as well as life in the modern world.

High-Quality Learning and Teaching

At GISU, we educate and inspire students in a way that is unique amongst international schools in Uganda. Our High-Quality Learning and Teaching approaches build on the benefits of our motivated teaching staff and exceptional learning environment and inspire every student to explore their full potential in all aspects of school life, regardless of their starting point. The students are further enabled to develop social and academic confidence, as well as a fuller understanding of the world.

* High-Quality Learning and Teaching – GISU Definition

High-Quality Learning and Teaching inspires every learner to explore their potential, as global citizens, in an exceptional learning and teaching environment to construct the understanding of the world so as to be able to participate fully in its future.

International and Intercultural Learning

GISU emphasises the development of intercultural learning, behaviours, active global
citizenship and the intercultural attributes of the students through the school’s vision, mission
and guiding statements.