IFLC 2018 – Galaxy International School Uganda

IFLC 2018

Keep Calm and Wait for it.

IFLC 2018 coming soon!!!

IFLC 2017

Galaxy International School of Uganda once again held the most looked forward to an activity of each year in school, the International Festival of Language and Culture.

This is an annual celebration which the school held on the 18th of November ,2017 at Galaxy International School of Uganda.

Unlike the previous years when different cultures prepared their own performances, this time round,with the appealing theme ‘’Unity in Diversity’’, children had to venture into and explore cultures that were not necessarily theirs. We therefore had different students from selected classes, dancing to the tunes of a random culture from any of different countries represented  in the school.

In the initial stages, the idea seemed to hit a brick wall, but as time went on, everybody involved gained momentum and enthusiasm towards the activities. Many parents, embassies, and friends got involved in the arrangements which led to a phenomenal colorful celebration.

All thanks and gratitude goes to the students, teachers, administration, parents, invited guests, friends and well wishers of Galaxy International School of Uganda, who made this a memorable day.



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