IFLC Competitions / Short Movie – Galaxy International School Uganda

IFLC Competitions / Short Movie

IFLC Competitions / Short Movie

In an effort to create a global child, GISU will include various competitions in the IFLC celebrations. The competitions will also run on the theme ‘Unity in Diversity‘. These competitions are already on-going in school and the grand winners will be awarded on the grand finale at the IFLC celebrations.

A spectrum of Diversity Short film by year 12 students.

“Today there is perpetual discord between man and man, community and community, village and village, caste and caste. What is the reason? The absence of unity and feeling of a common bond.

A spectrum of Diversity is a movie based on the theme of Unity in Diversity. Different personified colors, come to life; (Human nature, emotions, divinity and character are depicted). The colors clamor for the crown of greatness and view themselves as absolute and omniscient – all knowing – Each claim to be the best, the most important, the most useful, the favorite…jeopardy and disagreement breaks loose.
A realization of co-existence arises.
Can they live, move and work together in harmony …

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