OWLYPIA : A Global Online Competition – Galaxy International School Uganda

OWLYPIA : A Global Online Competition

OWLYPIA ONLINE is back! Are you ready?!

We are happy to announce that Galaxy International School Uganda is an official Owlypia exam center.

We are setting off on our new journey with two challenging, fun, and exciting online rounds on 14 March 2020.

This year’s central theme is LeadershipInspire Change.

Owlypia is an exciting international competition for students aged 11-14 (Owlets) and 15-18 (Owlys). Owlypia aims to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind and has a central theme each year.

Owlypia has five subjects, which are Social Studies, Art & Design, Literature & Culture, Science & Technology and Economics & Business. If you enjoy thinking, writing and talking in a social and academically stimulating environment then, this is the challenge for you!

By participating in the Owlypia competitions in five different subject areas, young intellectuals share their creative ideas, develop their multi-disciplinary academic skills, unlock their potential, build self- confidence, develop collaborative teamwork skills and create new friendships.

More Information: www.owlypia.org/what-is-owlypia/

Owlypia Registration:

Registration Deadline: 15 February 2020

Competition Date: 14 March 2020.


Please contact with Uganda Owlypia Ammassador Mr.  David Ochieng.


We would like the young minds to

  • Challenge their intellectual capability
  • Expand their knowledge in specific areas
  • Find their career paths
  • Experience their academic area of interest from a global perspective
  • Build their self–confidence through subject-based questions
  • Deepen their knowledge and build multidisciplinary life skills
  • Become actively involved in an online challenge
  • Utilise individual qualities through collaborative activities
  • Improve their language skills by studying particular subject areas.



  • By studying the content of each subject carefully, the young minds prepare themselves for the online competition. Each student will choose a favourite subject where 80% of the questions will come from. They are also expected to address 20% of the questions coming from the Common Ground.
  • All participants must take the online test at their school or at an Owlypia Exam Centre under the supervision of their teachers or supervisors. The test will be invigilated in designated rooms; however, any guidance or support will not be provided to the participants in any way.
  • The online test will be available to the students with a unique code/link, which will be sent to them by email in advance. Participants should follow the instructions on their screen on the day of examination.
  • The participation fee is £20 per student.
  • The online competition will take place on two dates in November and March. Both Owlypia tests will focus on the same theme “Creativity: Beyond the Borders”, but will consist of different questions.         


  • Creativity: Beyond the Borders” is the theme of the year 2018-2019! Owlypia has five main subjects and Common Ground.
  • Young intellectuals are expected to select their favourite subject and focus on it. You may find the recommended resources under each subject below. The study resources contain several films and videos to watch, alongside a range of books and articles to read. Some thought-provoking questions provided with each subject should be used to guide one’s research. Any combination of the articles, books, videos, films, blogs and research topics which we highlight online in our resources section is possible during the competition. We therefore advise that all materials are covered to ensure sufficient preparation along with the Common Ground.
    • Social Sciences
    • Art & Design
    • Literature & Culture
    • Science & Technology
    • Economics & Business                                            



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