Offering Cambridge International Curriculum
Educating to Inspire Global Excellence


Lower Secondary
11 to 14 years old*

Year 7 (11-12 years old*)
Year 8 (12-13 years old*)
Year 9 (13-14 years old*)

The Lower Secondary provides a stimulating learning environment and offers structured
opportunities for academic, physical and social development, whilst encouraging children to
become independent and take responsibility for their own learning.

At GISU, we follow the Cambridge International Curriculum whereby students study a range of
subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, Digital Literacy, Global Perspectives, ICT Starters, Music, Physical Education including Swimming, Critical Thinking, Foundation Courses, French – Foreign Language and Literature in English.

In Lower Secondary, students take Cambridge Progression Tests in English, Mathematics and
Science at every stage. In addition, they undertake an external examination at the end of Year 9
called ‘Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint’ to mark the transition to IGCSE at age 14+.
Such testing allows us to monitor students’ standards and to track individual progression in

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
14 to 16 years old*

Year 10 (14-15 years old*)
Year 11 (15-16 years old*)

In Year’s 10 and 11 students follow courses leading to the International General Certificate of
Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations set by Cambridge Assessment International

Most students take IGCSE examinations in nine subjects: English, Mathematics, Information
and Communication Technology, French – Foreing Language, Global Perspectives. We also expect students to take
three more subjects from groups relevant to their future careers. The subject choices within this
framework are flexible, and the individual needs of students are taken into account.

AS & A Level (Advanced Level)
16 to 19 years old*

Year 12 (16-17years old*)
Year 13 (17-18 years old*)

Moving into AS & A Level can be one of the most exciting and challenging periods in a student’s
life. At GISU we help our students to give careful thought to the transition from IGCSE to AS & A
Level education and enables a more adult approach to study. GISU has a caring environment. Within this framework, we are able to offer a wide variety of subject choices. Our students attain consistently high standards in examinations and every year we send students to universities and colleges in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa.