EARLY YEARS – Galaxy International School Uganda


Creativity makes our students better communicators and problem solvers.

Reception Pupils having fun playing the number monster hop game, associating quantity to numerals using objects of their choice and dramatizing the ‘five little monkeys’ during the numeracy session. Kindergarten 3 having an awesome time learning about their body parts through action songs and mosaic pasting activity related to this term’s theme ‘All about me’.  

Why is it important to play with Goop?

Playing with goop is a great “Sensory Play” activity. Sensory Play helps children understand all five of their senses: touch, smell, taste, see, and hear. When several senses are stimulated during play, children get more opportunities to explore, discover, and develop their own creativity at their individual pace. Benefits of playing with goop!!! Language– Sensory […]

Early Years Teachers Needed

  GALAXY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL UGANDA                 About: Galaxy International School Uganda (GISU) is a co-educational school located in Lubowa, the school provides international education to students between 2 and half up to 19 years of age. From Early Years to Year 13 students are taught using student-centered methods. Emphasis is on the development of the […]