IFLC – Galaxy International School Uganda


IFLC 2017

IFLC 2017 Galaxy International School of Uganda once again held the most looked forward to an activity of each year in school, the International Festival of Language and Culture. This is an annual celebration which the school held on the 18th of November ,2017 at Galaxy International School of Uganda. Unlike the previous years when […]

IFLC Competitions / Short Movie

IFLC Competitions / Short Movie In an effort to create a global child, GISU will include various competitions in the IFLC celebrations. The competitions will also run on the theme ‘Unity in Diversity‘. These competitions are already on-going in school and the grand winners will be awarded on the grand finale at the IFLC celebrations. […]

International Festival of Language and Culture

The International Festival of Language and Culture is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents in Galaxy International School Uganda. We are trying to promote research, learning, and information exchanges in support of peace, friendship, and understanding. Students try to engage with the visitors and the local community through initiating and […]