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The African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2016 (ALAMAU)

Galaxy International School takes pride in its International Community and encourages students to explore different international competitions, where they face challenges, mature and become better leaders. Students from Galaxy are currently taking part in The African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2016, in Johannesburg South Africa. Students tirelessly research, plan, draft and write about issues facing African Nations and provide solutions to make each nation better. They get to tackle tough issues and collaborate with other students from Africa and beyond, while always keeping in mind that one day they could be leaders of an African country.


ALAMAU is a remarkable opportunity for delegates to assemble and exercise international diplomacy. Throughout the four days of the conference, delegates will be challenged to debate, negotiate and ultimately agree upon resolutions on issues they will be tasked with tackling. This is not where the road ends, on their respective resolutions the delegates will compose action plans – a unique feature of ALAMAU aimed to provide a gateway for the work of the delegates to be channeled into feasible action. With the quality of resolutions that are passed during ALAMAU, delegates take ownership of the roles that they will play in developing our beautiful continent.


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