Welcome Back to Term-2 – Galaxy International School Uganda

Welcome Back to Term-2

It’s January again and we are all back for yet another great Term at school. We hope everyone had fun holidays and welcome back all those who traveled. We are excited to see our friends again, our teachers, and to tell each other lots of interesting stories.
During this Term 2, there’s quite a lot planned including trips to Europe, Western Uganda and Egypt. Make sure to participate in either the Music Recital, Sports Day, or the World Scholars Cup. There’s something for our parents too;- the Parent workshop. Alongside the serious school days are the public holidays and a half term break.
This Term we hope every student will determine to do their utmost best in their studies and extracurricular activities. The teachers look forward to helping any student that might need some kind of support to improve learning. Best still, as the GISU family we are available for each other if any of us ever wants to discuss or share on anything that is an issue, a concern or any other matters during the course of this term.

A successful Term 2 to everyone!


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