Extracurricular Activities – Galaxy International School Uganda

Extracurricular Activities

The school broadens students’ educational experiences through activities that fall outside the scope of the ‘normal’ curriculum to nurture confidence, responsibility, compassion, wisdom, innovation and collaboration.

Our students complete their development with various social activities they choose in accordance to their interests and talents.

These activities are a very important part of our educational applications. In their development process, students benefit from the programmed extracurricular activities and experience they obtain from various school activities.

These experiences are based on different structures on the fields of science, art, sports, technology and social responsibility to support our students’ cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.

Importance of EAs

Why are Extra-Curricular Activities (EAs) Important for Students

  • Develop a new skill or talent
  • Expand student horizons
  • Improve student self esteem
  • Demonstrate their ability to balance academics and activities
  • Provide insight into a student’s motivation and driving passions