University and Career Counselling – Galaxy International School Uganda

University and Career Counselling

The University and Career Counselling at GISU mission is to help students who are considering undergraduate education outside of Uganda to explore that possibility and for those who ultimately decide they would like to study abroad to seek appropriate university choices. University and Career Counselling Committee helps students explore options all over the world including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa. University and Career Counsellor is here to guide and support students through this process.
University and Career Counsellor works in conjunction with the Oversea University Counselor and the Counselling Office and are here to help you make the decision to study overseas, to discuss costs, selection criteria and preparation for admissions to universities outside of Uganda. For those who decide to apply to university outside of Uganda, University and Career Counsellor will assist in choosing universities that fit families’ budgets, offer the majors students consider, and are good fits in terms of students’ academic backgrounds and personal living and learning styles.