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Early Years

The Early Years classes at Galaxy International School Uganda have modern facilities and the latest technology. They are also in a prime location which is conducive to learning.
We have an experienced team of qualified staff who are passionate about facilitating learning for Kindergarten Two, Kindergarten Three and Reception.
Our facilities include: a basketball court, swimming pool, large indoor play room, audio-visual room and resting rooms.


GISU follows the Foundation Stage English National Curriculum in Kindergarten and Reception. This is a child-centred curriculum which is carefully structured to maximize learner’s knowledge, enjoyment and overall development.
The Foundation Level focuses on six key areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Communication, language and literacy.
  • Mathematical development.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Physical development.
  • Creative development.


The Early Years curriculum emphasises the development of receptive and productive skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening; as well as personal study skills like concentration, co-operation with other children and a questioning mind.
There is also a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare young learners to progress to Key Stage One of the Cambridge Curriculum.


Our enthusiastic and dedicated team of specialist Early Years teachers provide high-quality learning experiences for our children. We care about each child as an individual and help them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve.
We believe in child-centred learning and employ a variety of fun, active methods to help us achieve this aim.

The international nature of the school is such that children are encouraged to share their cultural traditions with the class, and the whole class gets involved in planning and celebrating festivals from all over the world. We encourage tolerance, respect and admiration for different cultures.
We believe in using technology as a learning tool from an early age. Kindergarten One children have small computers appropriate to their age. Educational software supports lessons in numeracy and literacy.
Each child is monitored by teachers to ensure that they are progressing to an appropriate standard, and tasks are differentiated according to ability.

At GISU, we recognize the important role parents have to play in supporting their child’s education. For this reason, we welcome you to take an active role in your child’s schooling and provide opportunities for parental participation in school activities.


At GISU, we believe that serving others is essential to live a rich life and become a fully rounded person. To achieve this aim for our students, we provide opportunities for our students to become involved in community development projects in Uganda.
As well as embracing the international diversity of the school, we encourage our students to experience and develop a deep affection for the wonderful culture in which we live: Uganda.

We achieve this by fostering relationships with local, sustainable and transparent community development organisations.

Our Community Service Programmes:

Term one – Identify and visit targeted areas.

Term two – Fundraise and budget for activities.

Term three – Implementation.


Learning does not end when our students leave the classrooms! Early Years students experience a range of indoor and outdoor educational trips, fully supervised at all times by trained staff and qualified first aiders.