2017 GISU CAREERS FAIR ON 1ST MARCH – Galaxy International School Uganda


It is undeniably important that students get sufficient guidance in regard to the courses and career paths they intend to pursue in the near future. At Galaxy International School Uganda, with the dedicated team of the Careers and Alumni Committee, we have continued to identify some of the best teams from reputable Universities in other countries to come and talk to our students and parents about why they should consider studying in countries like the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Our students in Year 10 to Year 13 including more from our sister school, Horizon College Jinja, have had a powerful and beneficial session this Wednesday 1st March 2017 listening to focused presentations from different university representatives and then going with parents to each university station to interact further and ask more questions.

Some of the universities and groups that have managed to grace this year’s Career Fair include: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Thompson Rivers University, Navitas Canada, IUBH(Germany), EU Business School, Asia Pacific University, HTMi, Swiss Education Group, KAPLAN, Study Group, and many more universities represented from UK, China, and the U.S.A.

We have had representatives speak on study opportunities in courses like Engineering, Health professions, Architecture, Business and related courses, Tourism and Hospitality, Information Technology. Mr. Sajad Hussein, representing Asia Pacific University has talked on I.T and benefits of studying in Malaysia; Mr. Petr Jiskra from HTMi has talked about Tourism and Hospitality; Ms. Alden Williams of University of Alabama Birmingham briefed the students on Health professions, Nursing and Public Health; Mr. Lebo Mzwimbi from Navitas Canada has spoken on Engineering and Business; Ms. Adelaide Ansah representing 10 U.S Universities has given an interesting brief telling the students something special and unique about each university and why they would be excellent options for university education.

Mr. Alfred from Uniserv has explained to the students and parents about the Medicine course and how best each student ought to craft a winner Personal Statement dealing with the 4 ‘Why’s. Why a student has chosen a particular country; why the chosen university; why the selected course; why ‘you’ (the student talking about him/herself); and for the student to remember to state clearly their intentions of returning to their own country after studies.

The most exciting topics have been on: entry points and related requirements; the weather; the nature of cultural and nationality diversity in these countries and universities; possibility and availability of internship and work opportunities; stay back options as long as the student finds work after graduating; duration of certain degree programmes; English as a language of instruction in other countries; possibility of having a double degree and help with Visa application (Australia); accreditation status of certain courses and universities; yearly tuition costs; and other exciting benefits these countries and universities offer beside Education.

In short, it has been such a worthwhile and rewarding experience. We hope to have an even bigger and better Career Fair come 2018.