Katwe on a Field Trip – Galaxy International School Uganda

Katwe on a Field Trip

Today, our year nine students visited Katwe!  With the whole KAYDA Team, (Katwe Youth Development Agency), we toured Katwe One.   To say that the faculty who were on the trip were proud of our students and their generosity of spirit seems an understatement.  Here it is in the words of some of our students, who tell it well.

“ I want to remember how children held my hand with happiness.  Sadness was everywhere. Children and parents have dirty and torn clothes.  Children were carrying babies…Mandazi and sweet potatoes were cooked in the streets with hope.  Houses are bad but expensive. People pay 6,000 UGX for one room. This makes me sad, and makes me feel like caring for these children and helping them more.  I wish not to forget this moment.” Adile

“A small boy, about three years old was sitting in one of the sewage trenches.  This baby was sitting in filth, calmly and peacefully relaxed. I was walking with a staff member from KAYDA.  I was so moved when she gently picked him up and carried him to a safe place – even though he was covered in filth.  Her actions made me feel so hopeful.” Isabella

“… most of all I don’t want to forget how these girls smile through their circumstance.  They are fighters, and one thing is for sure. We can all learn something from them.” Nicole

“I was carrying babies.  I talked with them, and they were holding my hands.  I was thinking about what it would be like if I were them—small house, no food, no money, no parents.  I wished people would care about children more.” Mirza

The KAYDA team is an incredible group of hard working people who are truly dedicated to changing lives in Katwe.  We are proud and humbled to have been able to make some small differences. The people, particularly the children, who live in Katwe are proof of the tenacity of the human spirit. We saw smiles on children today who, from our places of privilege, we might think have no reason to smile.  Yet smile, and smile they did. We all left Katwe and the KAYDA compound today feeling very fortunate for the experience.