THE GISU MUSICAL RECITAL – Galaxy International School Uganda


The musical recital like any other event held this year in our school, was finally colorfully and sonorously completed on Friday the 2nd of February 2018. Here, our students showcased what they have learnt in their music classes with all blessedness.

The students exhibited their talents through music, dance and drama. We had items such as: comedy, dances, songs and instrumental renditions. Several musical pieces were played from different traditions for example- Classical pieces and, also original compositions for both voice and instruments. Every level was represented right from Early years through Primary to the Secondary.

This event was so coveted as if it was a competition, that is to say: the students presented their performances and the parents turned up in incredibly big number to moral boost and above all, to share the epic music experience.

It suffices to say the event was a success and, this far, we would like to thank our dear Principal, the parents, the music teachers, the trainers, our musicians and everyone who participated in any way to make this event a success. Thank You.